Saturday, 25 May 2013

Itsy's blog

Hi loyal fans, Yes, it's me again! Itsy. I read The dog's blog (The adventures of scamp) and am disgraced that I don't have a blog of my own! So, I've got my hooves on the computer again!

It was hard getting past Hannah.

Me: I need the computer
Hannah: Why
Me: blog
Hannah: You don't have one
Me: I'll use yours then
Hannah: No, you don't know my password
Me: I do!
Hannah: Well you can't use it!
Me: It'l get you more views, seeing as I have sooo many fans!
Hannah: It's not your blog! Now either stand still while I brush you or let me brush Pippin in peace.

But of course, I managed to sneak past them.

Sorry it's been so long. I hate keeping my fans waiting, but that's an incredibly beautiful and popular pony's life. 

I've been busy:

I think I can hear my people coming, I'd better go find somewhere to hide...
Bye for now,

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