Sunday, 23 June 2013

catch up blog 1

I haven't blogged for a while so this is my catch up blog.

I had a great time in Llangranog, especially the quad bikes, but i was exhausted and not feeling very well because I had a virus, so I had to come home on Tuesday night.

I won a HUGE amount of Nettex products via PONY Magazine. horse shampoos, sprays, baby wipes for horses, etc. which are great! But Itsy is a complete wuss when it comes to sprays!

(it's not a very good picture, sorry)

It's the 4th time I've won a PONY magazine competition! I won a horse rug, Spillers cool mix (which is now all gone), some sort of special chaff (which I haven't got yet) and now this! I might have to e-mail PONY magazine thanking them!

I'm doing my grade one clarinet exam in July which means loads of practice. 

And finally, I'm going to my new high school tomorrow until Thursday and I am scared, because I'm the only one in my year on my bus! And it's exam week for all my friends in the year above me, so I will only see them for 15-20 minutes! But it will still be fun and I'm really excited.

I will try to blog again with some pictures of Itsy after I've been let loose on her with my sprays. If we have a dry day that is! 

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