Saturday, 25 May 2013

Itsy's blog

Hi loyal fans, Yes, it's me again! Itsy. I read The dog's blog (The adventures of scamp) and am disgraced that I don't have a blog of my own! So, I've got my hooves on the computer again!

It was hard getting past Hannah.

Me: I need the computer
Hannah: Why
Me: blog
Hannah: You don't have one
Me: I'll use yours then
Hannah: No, you don't know my password
Me: I do!
Hannah: Well you can't use it!
Me: It'l get you more views, seeing as I have sooo many fans!
Hannah: It's not your blog! Now either stand still while I brush you or let me brush Pippin in peace.

But of course, I managed to sneak past them.

Sorry it's been so long. I hate keeping my fans waiting, but that's an incredibly beautiful and popular pony's life. 

I've been busy:

I think I can hear my people coming, I'd better go find somewhere to hide...
Bye for now,

Friday, 10 May 2013


I've got lots of packing to do! (which I hate doing! I always go over the top with what I pack and I never have enough room!) I'm going away to an 'urdd' camp in Llangranog for a whole week! (13th-Friday) I'm dreading the packing and unpacking, and the walks and lectures! And being (possibly) not in the same group as my friends!

There are things like Riding (best bit!), high ropes (aaah!), low ropes and swimming. I've had lots of people I know telling me it's good.

But It'll be fun! :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

PROPER blog!

Hi, This isn't Hannah writing this post, it's Hannah's pony Itsy. I read the first post and am disgraced that SHE would say such a thing, me! having a tantrum!! So, I got my hooves on the computer (don't ask how.......) And decided that I'll write blogs of my own! MWAHAHA!!! (cough cough) 

So firstly, I want all my fans to see my incredible beauty!

This was taken in 2011, but it still shows off how beautiful I am!

So, yeah. I'm mad at Hannah a bit, she did make up for it a little today though by giving me a scratch in the place I like the most, even if there were no snacks!

I think all my fans need to know a bit more about me, so:

1. I like luuurve snow.

2. I'm energetic! (and have a beautiful gallop, Hannah tells me)

3.I'll do anything for food! (especially gorse flowers, my favorite!)

4.I'm incredibly good at posing for photos (and I look beautiful!)

5. I DO NOT HAVE TANTRUMS!!! But I don't like being brushed too long, or being ridden! Or being in the yard all summer!

That's it for now loyal fans! I'll try and get on the computer again soon! (It'll be hard, knowing what these humans are like! but I'll try.)
Gotta go, bye!

Itsy  xxx

Monday, 6 May 2013

first post - lets just say it's chaotic!

This is my first post and first I'll say; I'm rubbish.....inexperienced with blogging, so this will most likely be utter chaos! (knowing me!)

Today was bank holiday Monday so we watched badminton horse trials, and.... FINALLY! got the rest of the sheep out (which involved chasing a VERY fat lamb in circles, and getting dizzy and kicked by it! Then carrying it to the field! ARRRGH!) I was also outside with my pony Itsy, the one in the picture below - pippin, and our only male pony Bulleseye. Itsy threw a 'teenager' tantrum at me!!! :( (Because I ran out of snacks for her, then tried to brush her. By the way she was loose in the field so the snacks were bait, and then she threw her tantrum and stomped off!)

Nothing more to say :) so I'm going to just show this picture:

I added effects to this - but yes, I did add them to cover up my bad photography! :D