Saturday, 3 August 2013

I officially love photography

Ages ago, on a sunny day, I went out with my mum's (Preseli Mags) camera and took lots of pictures of our ponies.

Then, I edited them.

I took lots but these are the best.
Itsy update: Itsy is on a diet and has lost about half a gram so far!

Also, I recently took my grade one Clarinet exam and passed! I got 116 out of 150 points.

As I said before, I'm brilliant at winning competitions, well I recently won another one to meet Ashleigh and Pudsey at the pet show in Stonleigh park, Warwickshire  It was a brilliant day, I got a photo taken with Ashleigh and Pudsey, an autograph and we saw them perform  I also got a copy of Pudsey's Autobidography which I'm still reading. 

A few days after I posted my last blog, I got my chaff, Bailey's Ultra Grass, it's brilliant and Pippin loves having it with her food. At the moment she gets lots of snacks with it because of all the unripe apples that fall off our apple tree.

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  1. Well, you have been busy, haven't you? Well done on your Clarinet exam results, and also on winning (yet another!) competition.