Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Catch up Blog!


  • Secondary school
  • Pony Riding
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Chaos
  • Amazon
  • everything else you can possibly imagine!


  • Secondary school, after eight weeks, tomorrow is the last day before half term, (although Im not going tomorrow! :) mehehehe!) 
  • Homework! Is horrible, I have too much, lots, not so much now because it's the holidays.
  • I don't like gymnastics, It's horrible. It causes injuries (I am not a very good gymnast)
  • Pre-ordering an album for only an extra pound for the deluxe version, amazon gave me the pound back to get a free mp3 download! I like amazon now.
  • Revision for tests that dont even need revising for. Pointless.
  • Bad experience on Itsy. It was totally her fault The tractor in the distance's fault nobody's fault :Z :)

A good experience on Itsy - before the sitting-on-the-gate-chaos and the tractor-in-the-distance-chaos


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